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You are the Tenth Doctor
You are the Tenth Doctor
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sometimes people make me crazy

Yesterday my best friend from childhood posted on facebook that she was separated from her husband of 13 years. Imagine my surprise when I call to console her today that he was still living at home. This probably wouldn't bother me nearly so much if it weren't for the fact that I LOATHE him. My children have always been frightened of him, his children from what I have seen also seem to be afraid of him, and he treats her horribly. I haven't gone to visit her in their "new" house, they have lived there at least two years already, because I just can't stand to be around him. He is a BOOR, he is bigoted, rude and just plain obnoxious. I believe that all the family finances are in her name, so I just wish she would kick him to the curb and be done with it. His living there is NOT in the best interest of the children, he treats them like automatons or slaves, not family members. I will admit I haven't spent that much time in their family environs, but this is the impression I am left with from what I have seen. He just infuriates me so, and her not doing anything about his poor treatment of her and their kids infuriates me as well.

Writer's Block: Instant wish

If you could have one--and only one--wish granted in the next five minutes, what would you wish? How do you think it would improve your life?
Materialistic as this may sound I would wish for money, well enough money to pay off all debts and put two kids through college/university. I really just want a financial blank slate and to not have to worry about money, preferably ever again. Any excess I would give to charity. I would even keep my job and use it to pay for any future expenses. I really just want $0.00 debt, because no matter how many experts may claim debt is good, its not, it makes you think you have more resources than you have, and eventually all debts must be paid in full.

Self Promotion

There are always pros and cons to every choice you make in life, who you marry or don't, whether or not you have children and what you choose to do to make a living.

Now I am married and my husband makes a good living, one that if we could manage to stick to a budget we can actually get by on reasonably well. I, however need to do something in order to have both money that I can call my own and to keep myself feeling like a contributing member of society. I have chosen to make my living as a freelance writer and editor.

"What is your point?" you say.

My point is simply this, in order to make any sort of living at this profession I have to promote myself. I HATE promoting myself! I just get all self-conscious and self-deprecating when the focus of attention is placed on me. that is why I like this blog, I can use a pseudonym and remain relatively anonymous, my family and friends don't know about this blog of mine.

I know that is part of the job of an agent, unfortunately until one has an agent, or in order to get an agent interested in taking you on, you have to promote yourself. It is a nasty little circle.

I wonder if anyone has noticed how I have been using the term self-promotion. In my mind I keep wanting to say selling yourself/myself, but that just makes me feel even more unclean than self-promotion.

I wrote this entry today because I realize that I have to focus myself, and maintain that focus into the future. I can no longer put my life on hold but must organize my life, mind, household, my everything so that I can fulfill the purpose that seems to be meant for me.

I am now starting to sound just a little new-agey so I think I will close this up here.

Thanks for listening(reading.)

Writer's Block: Sheldon and Penny 4ever!

Fanfiction: Do you love it or hate it, or are you totally indifferent? Why?

I neither love nor hate fanfiction, I am also not totally indifferent. I will read very specific characters, in very specific genres and if these stories are well written I will enjoy them, if badly written however I won't get any farther than the first paragraph.
Fanfiction gives you the new authors impression of the characters and settings of the original story, frequently placed in a plot hole left by the original author. Therefore I cannot really see the point in writing it myself, better to just create my own characters, my own settings and play with the situation that was troubling me in the first place. In fact there have only been a few popular authors of late who have even left me to consider writing fanfiction because of the gaping empty spaces in their written work. When an author tells you their whole story there is no desire to fill in the blanks for yourself. I know JK Rowling knows the full story of her Harry Potter characters, but I don't feel she ever bothered to fill us in on it, Gearge RR Martin on the other hand has given us the full story, even if we do have to wait for it, sorry Geoerge.
I always thought that if you were to right a story with other peoples characters it should be only for your own private purposes, not for public consumption.

Consciousness Cleanse: Day 1

Outer Goal: To write every single day, at LEAST 1000 words.

Inner Goal: To feel at peace.


I have been obsessing over religion and belief lately, most probably because I have serious issues with the season.  I wouldn't call myself Christian, but I am not an atheist, or even agnostic really.
  I  believe there is something out there, the universe is far to wondrous and oddly ordered creation for there to be nothing behind it.  I wanted to use the word sentient but that is personifying something that I think is totally impossible to personify.  If God, and I use that word very carefully was personifiable that would also make it relatable, and I don't think It is, relatable.  I mean we are capable of independent, creative, original  thought, although I did have a philosophy prof once who said that there hadn't been any original thinking since Plato. This ability must come from somewhere, It seems, to me at least, nearly impossible for some arbitrary synapses to fire off in my brain and creative thoughts and questions to occur. 
    On the other hand I find it difficult to believe that; this something that I am for a lack of words forced to call a god, I guess supreme being might be a little better, but the word being also makes that phrase difficult; cares if we worship it, and I seriously doubt that it would appreciate the things that have been done in its name and the name of individual strictly defined religious beliefs. 
     What I am trying to say, seemingly unsuccessfully,  is that I believe that there is a something that unites us all to nature, the cosmos, and each other, but I do not believe in religion because it is a man-made thing that we use to our own ends, be they good or evil.



Happy American Thanksgiving Day!


Is Monotheism truly monotheistic if you have a holy trinity?
Is monotheism truly monotheistic if you give angels attributes, similar to those that the ancients gave their gods?
Is a non-idol worshiping religion a non-idol worshiping religion if they have icons of their God and their saints all over their churches?
Really these are just questions that have been bothering me all my life, and that I just can't seem to work into a polite conversation.
Well sent out a bunch more job applications today. One even had the actual title of personal assistant, so maybe, hopefully?
Anyway tonight we dance. Yes that's right it is open season on Christmas social functions. At least I should get to see my old buddy Kevin tonight. I don't think I've seen him in person in a year and a half. The joys of facebook bringing together people who wouldn't likely be friends in a million years.